Sunday, March 17, 2013

Do You Need a Ground Sleeve With Your Basketball System?

Basketball Goals Ground Sleeve

A common product that is either packaged with an in ground basketball hoop or up sold with an in ground basketball hoop is a ground sleeve. Sleeves are generally made of steel and are the main component that is cemented into the ground. With Spalding basketball goals, most systems come with a sleeve; whereas Lifetime basketball goals typically sell the ground sleeve separately. What are reasons why you would want or need a ground sleeve?

Do you foresee yourself moving during the ownership of the basketball hoop?

One major reason customers choose is they plan on moving in the short term and do not want to worry about purchasing a new system at their new address. A ground goal pole sleeve allows you to do this because only the sleeve will be lost to the cement. Please note that once a basketball pole is cemented in, the pole is almost certain to not be removable without damaging the pole. So, a ground pole sleeve provides a great option to save some money if you plan on moving during your ownership of the basketball hoop. All you would need to do is order a new ground sleeve at your new address.

Do you need to take down the basketball goal from time to time?

In some cases, the basketball goals cannot stay up all year long due to adverse weather conditions, building codes, or multiple uses for the same area. A ground sleeve allows you to easily remove the system from the ground in any of these cases. Ground pole sleeves provide a great deal of flexibility for how and when you set up and take down the your basketball system. Some customers have a shared area in which the basketball system and some other sport shares the same area. In this case, a basketball ground pole sleeve can help a customer to more easily switch between users.

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