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Spalding Arena View In-Ground Basketball System with Glass Backboard, 72-Inch from Spalding

Spalding Arena View In-Ground Basketball System with Glass Backboard, 72-Inch is the excellence concept for you to improve of property and make your life less difficult. There are several with the other Spaldings are spending their time and money on fancy packages and functions that no one genuinely requirements, we have gone in another aim. We wish to offer you a item that is able of handling anything that you simply occur to have in thoughts and best quality, not something that just seems good coming out with the box. Our designers have taken a close look at every other item out there and what each and every individual has mentioned about them, developing our models and make it perfectly best for you.

Spalding Arena View In-Ground Basketball System with Glass Backboard, 72-Inch
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Our team of producer has been operating extremely hard to come up using a new invention that not only does accurately what you purchased it for, but Spalding Arena View In-Ground Basketball System with Glass Backboard, 72-Inch will far exceed your expectations. This item is an advance selection inside the market at the moment. Base on all our understanding and encounter in our item innovation make this clever item is extremely interested for any person who thinking of their new property improvement.

We usually spend attention on item quality and also suitable value. Lastly, Spalding Arena View In-Ground Basketball System with Glass Backboard, 72-Inch will be your most fantastic item for every client worldwide and including your self too.

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Spalding Arena View In-Ground Basketball System with Glass Backboard, 72-Inch

The Spalding 88724AGP Arena View In-Ground system features a 72"x42" steel framed glass back for superior rebound. The backboard has a 4' offset from the pole, which is a single piece, 8" square pole. The U-Turn Pro lift system with removable crank allows infinite height adjustment from 7' - 10' and featurs a safety stop preventing it from going below 6'6". The board features Z-Arms for impoved stability and leveling, reducing board breakage. The system includes an arena style board pad, stadium style pole pad, and our 180° breakaway rim professional look and performance.


  • 72" steel framed glass backboard with aluminum trim
  • 1/2" thick tempered glass backboard for superior rebound
  • 180° Breakaway rim for professional level performance
  • U-Turn Pro system provides infinite height adjustment from 7' to 10'
  • Backboard has 4' offset from pole

Spalding Arena View In-Ground Basketball System with Glass Backboard, 72-Inch Specifications

Bring home years of basketball fun with the Spalding Arena View 88724GPS residential in-ground basketball system, featuring the ergonomically designed U-Turn Pro lift system that easily adjusts rim height from 7 to 10 feet with an interior safety stop to prevent lowering the board below 6 feet 6 inches. Its hinged base plate enables ground level assembly of the backboard and rim, and it features welded gussets and an anchor bolt mounting system that allows for future system removal, a powder coated matte black finish, and all necessary installation hardware.

This system offers an official 4-foot regulation offset and a one-piece steel square pole (8 inches square, made of 3/16-inch steel) with a stadium style pole pad and gusset pad. It's completed by a 72 by 42-inch backboard with 1/2-inch of strong, tempered glass and a residential 180-degree adjustable break-away rim. It's backed by a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Basketball System Buying Guide
With the high-quality construction of many portable basketball systems, turning your driveway into a basketball court can be as simple as hooking up your garden hose. But while a portable system may ultimately be your best choice, there are reasons you may want to consider an in-ground or wall-mount system before you decide.

In-Ground Systems
In-ground systems are permanently cemented into the ground--either via a bolt mounting kit or directly into the ground--and are generally more rigid and take up less space than portables. In-ground systems often require that you hire a professional to complete the task, but when the cement dries you'll have a hoop that can take punishing dunks with ease.

Many in-ground systems are height-adjustable, include removable post features that let you take the system down for off-season storage, and feature heavy-duty break-away rims. You'll also want to research the adjustable mechanisms on the systems, as there are several types to choose from. Some feature a counter-balance spring that lets you perform easy, one-hand adjustments while others may feature a sturdy, pneumatic system.

Wall-Mount Systems
Wall-mount systems can be mounted to the side of a house, a tall retaining wall, or a garage. Generally sturdier than portables, wall-mounts have the added advantage of optimizing your existing ground space for the court, since you won't take any space up with the base or pole. Not all systems include the necessary hardware, so make certain you add a mounting kit to your list.

Portable Systems
Portable systems require minimal installation and offer ultimate convenience. These systems generally feature a base that can be filled with sand or water to stabilize them and include wheels for portability. Although they are not as sturdy as in-ground or wall-mounted hoops, portables are simple to set up and can often be folded for convenient storage.

Backboard Considerations
Regardless of which system you choose, you'll want to brush up on Backboards 101. Most residential systems feature backboards made of acrylic, fiberglass, graphite, or various other composite materials. While clear acrylic gives the professional look and feel of glass, it is not as rigid as fiberglass or graphite. Some systems may offer steel or aluminum backboards, which are virtually vandal resistant, but don't offer the true rebounding action.

The regulation size of an NBA backboard is 72 inches wide and 42 inches high. Most portable hoops are 42 or 44 inches wide and 36 inches tall. In-ground systems tend to be a bit larger, with 54-inch and 60-inch widths being the most popular. While rectangular shaped backboards provide more bank shot opportunities, they are generally more expensive than the streamlined fan-shaped board.

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