Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to Jump Higher in Basketball - 3 Explosive Dunking Secrets to Jump Higher

In the game of basketball, the ability to able to jump higher is always a proven advantage. Imagine the awe you bring to the crowd and confidence you instill in your team when you showcase your dunking skills by doing a dominant windmill dunk that brought the house down.

How about chasing down a fast break and swatting the ball into the crowd ? - As Lebron states: "Get That Weak Stuff Outta Here!"

You can even have your stats looking like this - 27 Points, 18 Rebounds, 7 Blocks.

Well, all of that is a whole lot easier if you are able to jump higher in the game of basketball and it is an undeniable fact that basketball players who are able to jump higher attracts a lot of fans from all around.

So what does it takes to jump higher in basketball?

The whole truth is this, you need to be focus and determined. By that, I mean you need to follow a set of training routine strictly for at least 8 weeks. Even if you are tired and hope to get a day off, you need to keep doing it. Remember, all it takes is one day and you might waste all the previous hard work you have put in.

Here are 3 sets of exercises that will have you jumping higher and dunking a basketball in no time.

1) Sprints - Sprinting builds explosive power needed to jump higher in basketball or any other sports. It builds take off power and increases your speed dramatically. 40 yard dashes are good for sprint trainings. Remember, explosiveness and speed is the key to jump higher in basketball.

2) Depth Jumps - Depth Jumps builds and strengthens your fast twitch muscles. It is also very effective in building explosiveness as it looks to counter react the pressure from the impact of the jump. Stand on a platform and step off it. The moment you touch the ground, explode up as high as possible as you can. Start with 3 sets of 10 and increase gradually. That is sure to improve and add some inches to your verticals that are so essential for improving your dunking skills.

3) Olympic Weightlifting - Unknown to many, this is the training exercise that Lebron James is doing. Olympic weightlifting, when executed properly, requires all the muscle group from your ankles to your hip. That is to say, you are building jumping power from your ankles up to your hips. The resistance from the weights further strengthen your leg muscles.

One bonus tip to increase your ability jump higher in basketball is stretching. Stretching relaxes and improve the circulation of your muscles. Stretching is going to help you improve your verticals by leaps and bounds and move you closer to dunk a basketball.

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