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Spalding Portable Basketball System - 54" Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard from Spalding

Spalding Portable Basketball System - 54

Currently Carry the Most current Spalding Portable Basketball System - 54" Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard

With this era when there are so many of these kinds of Spalding Portable Basketball System - 54" Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard accessible, there is nothing as good as being in position to own an item that is manufactured from a manufacturer that you already know and have confidence in. When you check around you're certain to find several items that create claims which they just can't maintain. Although this is frustrating, it is nothing out of the ordinary as imitation is always the most sincere form of flattery.

Although Spalding will not be the initial producer of the Spalding Portable Basketball System - 54" Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard what we have done is used a good idea and made it into a great product that can give many years of superb service. Our primary style enticed many customers since it was developed with the top standards of quality. We have carried on this tradition to give you our very newest edition of a tried and trustworthy item.

Something we're also certain of is that you will likely find that at this value, you are not going to get a superior Spalding Portable Basketball System - 54" Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard anywhere. To make sure that you are actually going to get true value for the money Spalding has integrated a number of really nice functions which are guaranteed to help to make this one of the merchandise you have had the opportunity to locate in several years. We're confident that you might feel as though you are getting genuine value for the money when you realize all of the extra details We have built into our newest design for making your life far better.

Spalding Portable Basketball System - 54
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54" 1x1 SF w/Alum;1/4" Glass;Scjk Lift;Arena Slam;Brd & Stad Pd


  • Portable basketball system with 40-gallon capacity base for water or sand
  • Tempered glass backboard, measures 54 inches wide (0.25-inches thick)
  • Heavy duty solid steel Arena Slam breakaway rim
  • Three-piece, four-inch square pole with 4-strut mount for increased support
  • Screw Jack adjustable height system moves the basket from 7.5 to 10 feet high

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Spalding Portable Basketball System - 54" Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard Specifications

Enjoy years of recreational basketball fun in your backyard with this Spalding Portable basketball system (model 68454), which is supported by a 40-gallon capacity base that can be filled with either water or sand for stability. The Screw Jack adjustable height system moves the basket from 7.5 to 10 feet high. It features a 54-inch wide tempered glass backboard (0.25-inches thick) with a Pro-Tek layer for added durability, and it's framed by a 1 x 1-inch steel frame with aluminum trim. It also offers a solid steel Arena Slam breakaway rim, protective board pad, and heavy duty front wedge pole cover. The three-piece, 4-inch square pole also includes a four-strut mount for increased support.

Amazon.com Basketball System Buying Guide
With the high-quality construction of many portable basketball systems, turning your driveway into a basketball court can be as simple as hooking up your garden hose. But while a portable system may ultimately be your best choice, there are reasons you may want to consider an in-ground or wall-mount system before you decide.

In-Ground Systems
In-ground systems are permanently cemented into the ground--either via a bolt mounting kit or directly into the ground--and are generally more rigid and take up less space than portables. In-ground systems often require that you hire a professional to complete the task, but when the cement dries you'll have a hoop that can take punishing dunks with ease.

Many in-ground systems are height-adjustable, include removable post features that let you take the system down for off-season storage, and feature heavy-duty break-away rims. You'll also want to research the adjustable mechanisms on the systems, as there are several types to choose from. Some feature a counter-balance spring that lets you perform easy, one-hand adjustments while others may feature a sturdy, pneumatic system.

Wall-Mount Systems
Wall-mount systems can be mounted to the side of a house, a tall retaining wall, or a garage. Generally sturdier than portables, wall-mounts have the added advantage of optimizing your existing ground space for the court, since you won't take any space up with the base or pole. Not all systems include the necessary hardware, so make certain you add a mounting kit to your list.

Portable Systems
Portable systems require minimal installation and offer ultimate convenience. These systems generally feature a base that can be filled with sand or water to stabilize them and include wheels for portability. Although they are not as sturdy as in-ground or wall-mounted hoops, portables are simple to set up and can often be folded for convenient storage.

Backboard Considerations
Regardless of which system you choose, you'll want to brush up on Backboards 101. Most residential systems feature backboards made of acrylic, fiberglass, graphite, or various other composite materials. While clear acrylic gives the professional look and feel of glass, it is not as rigid as fiberglass or graphite. Some systems may offer steel or aluminum backboards, which are virtually vandal resistant, but don't offer the true rebounding action.

The regulation size of an NBA backboard is 72 inches wide and 42 inches high. Most portable hoops are 42 or 44 inches wide and 36 inches tall. In-ground systems tend to be a bit larger, with 54-inch and 60-inch widths being the most popular. While rectangular shaped backboards provide more bank shot opportunities, they are generally more expensive than the streamlined fan-shaped board.

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